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So these are those super cool solar lanterns I ordered:

i got the "pearl" ones

Then, here are a couple crafty ideas I found on www.marthastewart.com that I’m gonna make for my bday party…

seashell string lights!

shell candles!

collecting jars to make these


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Pretty, pretty beach themed party :)

sand dollars

sea shell sugar cookies

more shell cookies

beachy centrepieces

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So yesterday I showed you my basil cutting growing roots, as well as the pot I decorated here, but here they are together!

pot o' basil

Also, the pomegranate tree that I planted back in September 2009, finally has its first fruit!

Update: Benji is disgruntled that I did not give the others involved any credit for this pomegranate. My bad. Benji & I bought the pomegranate tree (really more like a bush) together, and subsequently had my dad arrange digging a hole and actually putting it in the ground.

perfect pomegranate

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In less depressing news…I have stuffs to show you!

First of all, I read up on how to prune basil, and learned two things:

  1. aggressive pruning leads to greater leaf production,
  2. you can propagate basil by cutting off a branch and suspending it in water. in just a few short days, it will have sprouted its own roots! ready for planting!

my propagation set up

look at all ze roots!

So now you may be wondering what I’m going to plant my new basil plant in…Well. I have an answer for that too! Ta Daaaa!

shell pot! a pot with shells!

And yes. I glued all those shells on myself. Crafty, aren’t I? :-)

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Check out my beauteous wreath I made:

lovely in lavender!

Maybe I’ll quit my day job ;)

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This is an example of one of the (pretty?) crafty things I tried. Last summer, I got into making these mirrors with seashell frames. But unfortunately, I kind of fell off once I start renovating my bedroom, cuz everything was in chaos for a long time (and still is somewhat chaotic) But here’s a pic of one of the mirrors I made, which hangs in my bedroom. The others, I made for friends, and stupidly didn’t take pictures before giving them away (stupid Laura!)

whatcha think?

whatcha think?

I realise this isn’t a great picture. I will try to take some better ones, maybe some more detail.

If anyone wants one of their own, I’m totally open to commissioning a mirror to your specifications (round, oval, square, rectangle, type of shells, random appearance?) So what do you say? Want your very own Bahamian-made sea-shell mirror with Bahamian shells?? hahah, when did this turn into an ad? Gahh…

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