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Happy Boy

smiley boy

I love this pic of Breesy. He was such a loving, happy puppy. Augusta took this pic one day when I brought him with me to an outdoor bar/restaurant. He loved to go out with me wherever I was going. As usual, he was just laying calmly at my feet, such a good boy…


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Well, in follow-up to that last post (like 3 weeks ago…) I did in fact swim. I did not get struck by lightning. The waterproof iPod shuffle was awesome. And my arms were sore the next day. All in all, a very positive experience. Which makes it difficult to explain why I haven’t done it again? Hmm….Life just gets away from you some times, and before you know it, months have gone by! Oh well. I’ve been having a good time nonetheless!

Last week, Benji’s 2 best friends from college were in town, and I’d never met them, so that was fun! We made a super fun trip down to Exuma for 2 nights, slept aboard the NanSea (Benji’s Dad’s new 56ft Ocean Yacht) and had an all-around great time!!

ze NanSea

The area of Exuma where we stayed is part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, and is absolutely stunning! I actually read a scientific article somewhere that said the clearest water in the world, is found in Exuma! It’s a no-take marine reserve too, so you see tonnes of wildlife! And there are lots of secluded cays and creeks and special places where you can have total peace and privacy; never seeing another soul.

I explored one such spot on Hawksbill Cay; a small creek, inaccessible by boat. It wasn’t the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen, although it was beautiful. But what really made that afternoon special was how alone  and peaceful I felt; how connected to nature and life I felt surrounded by pure silence and beauty. I wish I could feel that every day. So serene.

entrance to the creek

meandering thru the flats and mangroves

the water is so shallow and warm, like bath water!

just my footprints in the sand

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This morning I booked my flights to go to Bermuda for Christmas! I realise it’s only June, but tickets to BDA are hella expensive. As it turns out, I had enough miles with American to get there! Only 35,000 miles, and then $114 in taxes! Not bad at all, considering that I would have paid $880 for the same ticket!

I’m sooooo excited to spend this Christmas with my mum’s side of the family, aaaaaand for Benji to be coming with me!! :)

Last year, I spent Christmas in Spanish Wells with Benji’s family, and it was lovely. But there’s nothing like being with your own family during the holidays! I guess part of growing up and settling down is having to alternate spending holidays with each other’s fam. Unfortunately for me, my parents are split up, so there’s 3 parties in the rotation! (my mum, my dad and Benji’s fam) That’s probably more unfortunate for Benji, hahah!

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I said I was gonna do it, and goshdarnit, I did it!


Ta Daaaaa!!!

Waaahh Waahh…..slightly underwhelmed, no? Well, bummer as it may be, the nursery only had what you can see here. And what you’re looking at (left to right) is basil, rosemary, native thyme and mint.

Would you believe that stupid plastic fake terracotta thingy cost me $32! THIRTY TWO DOLLARS!!! The Bahamas is so ridiculously overpriced! Anyway, the herbies smell divine, and I can wait to cook with them!

I’m proud of me, and I know you are too! I tried something! :) Now let’s see if I can keep them alive!

close up of the little herbies

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In case you weren’t aware, I take special requests. Wanna ask about or see something specific in my life? (to an extent creepers!) I just may oblige.

So here ya go: my weehiculls (vehicles, pronounced Bahamian-ly)

2005 Cadillac SRX V8 AWD...ohhhh baby!

dutty caddy

rear view

dash view, yes it's dirty. i know.

awesome ultra view moon roof!

But, I can barely afford the gas for the Caddy, so here’s what you’ll usually catch me driving (riding):

red rider. she gets about 95mpg

Benji has a matching scootie :)

cuz we're cute like that

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Looka my bebes

precious cargo

The bebes looooove going in the boat and to the beach with us, so whenever I open up the trunk, they’re super eager to hop right in! And the new car is perfect for driving them around! In this pic you can see the mesh barrier to prevent them from climbing into the backseat (and scratching the leather) and underneath their cute little butts is the removable plastic mat that is so easy to hose down! Perfecto! :)

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So Brees is a puppy. And he’s turning into a big dog. Which means…he is losing his puppy teeth. Most of them have fallen out un-noticed, but a few (3) have either fallen out on my bedroom floor while I watch him eat dinner…orrrr…umm…have been pulled out, cuz they were too damn wiggly and were freaking me out!!

Question now is…am I a creeper if I keep my baby’s baby teeth??

i've got you now!

My good friend, who shall remain anonymous :P, says I look like a creeper in this pic…She might be right. Brees does look a little bit like he’s trying to escape. And I am staring directly into the camera like a freak. And it’s pretty obvious I took this picture of myself…and that in and of itself is pretty darn creepy.

So perhaps it’s true. Perhaps I am indeed a creeper. In that case, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t keep Brees’ puppy teeth.

Problem solved!

Let us not forget though, that right now YOU are creeping my blog…yup! Have a great day, fellow creepers! :)

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