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Well, in follow-up to that last post (like 3 weeks ago…) I did in fact swim. I did not get struck by lightning. The waterproof iPod shuffle was awesome. And my arms were sore the next day. All in all, a very positive experience. Which makes it difficult to explain why I haven’t done it again? Hmm….Life just gets away from you some times, and before you know it, months have gone by! Oh well. I’ve been having a good time nonetheless!

Last week, Benji’s 2 best friends from college were in town, and I’d never met them, so that was fun! We made a super fun trip down to Exuma for 2 nights, slept aboard the NanSea (Benji’s Dad’s new 56ft Ocean Yacht) and had an all-around great time!!

ze NanSea

The area of Exuma where we stayed is part of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, and is absolutely stunning! I actually read a scientific article somewhere that said the clearest water in the world, is found in Exuma! It’s a no-take marine reserve too, so you see tonnes of wildlife! And there are lots of secluded cays and creeks and special places where you can have total peace and privacy; never seeing another soul.

I explored one such spot on Hawksbill Cay; a small creek, inaccessible by boat. It wasn’t the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen, although it was beautiful. But what really made that afternoon special was how alone  and peaceful I felt; how connected to nature and life I felt surrounded by pure silence and beauty. I wish I could feel that every day. So serene.

entrance to the creek

meandering thru the flats and mangroves

the water is so shallow and warm, like bath water!

just my footprints in the sand

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Good news to report!

I’m no longer unemployed!!! Yayyyyyyz for dayz! :)

As of last week Monday, I am the new National Project Coordinator for the GEF Full Size Project in The Bahamas!

(sounds fancy, right? well…I think it does :P )

Here’s the back-story: While I was sitting on my butt at home, waiting for the Government to offer up a renewed contract so I could come back to work @ BEST, I was tipped off by a friend that BEST was accepting CVs from applicants for this position (and a few others). So I sent in my CV and got put on the list for the various positions to be filled (although this one was the one I really wanted, I was just eager to get back to work!)

SO: I interviewed for the position, which was a total disaster. First of all, they wanted to do it via Skype, cuz one of the ladies to be interviewing me is abroad at her UNEP office, and the other interviewers were very busy and couldn’t afford to leave their respective offices to come to a single location and interview me in person. I was not happy about this, but what choice did I have??

So I give them my very unprofessional Skype username, and we arrange for the call to occur at 1pm.

Well, when I received the call, everytime I picked it up, the connection would drop. This happened ohhh…I’d say about 25 times. So my friend who’s arranging the call, calls my cell like, wtf is going on? I dunno man!

The solution? I’ll call the landline, and be put on speakerphone, and all the interviewers will be on speaker from the computer and we’ll do it that way. Speakerphone to speakercomputer. Terrible.

Aside from that, I HATED the interview structure. So rigid. “OK Laura, we have 9 questions for you, please answer as succinctly as possible…” Uhhhh….ok?

“What characteristics do you think are most valuable in a leader?” (Seriously? I do not see the value in this type of interview question…such garbage…)

“Please describe a situation where you had to organise a team.”

Oh, and let me not forget to mention, 5 of the people I’m interviewing with, I worked with on a weekly if not daily basis; one of which was my direct supervisor. No room for “embellishment” in this interview…ugh…miserable. So I’m answering these horrible, pointless questions as best I can, but the Skype connections keep dropping. So after I bumble through a question, I’m asked to REPEAT my answer cause so-and-so dropped and didn’t hear it. WTF!? I can’t remember the foolishness that just spewed forth from my mouth! Oy vay…

So after the excruciating interview was over, and I felt like I had totally bombed. I texted my fried (who had also been sitting in on my interview) and was like, GOOD LORD, THAT WAS PAINFUL! To which she replied “Yea, I could hear it in your voice.”

Shit. Bottle of wine. Open. Now!

Well, I obviously got the job in the end, so I guess it couldn’t have been that bad (unless the other applicants managed to do worse than me) So, YAY ME! YAY EMPLOYMENT!

Just thought I’d share that experience with ya! :)

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You might be wondering from my last post, why I would say I’m gonna shower and then “more on that later”, as if this is something unusual or interesting…But here’s why: it’s friggin’ FREEZING here the last few days!!! And yes, I know all you northerners are probably thinking something along the lines of, cold? in the Bahamas? pshht please! But it is!! And while 50’s and 60’s may not sound cold to you, in a country where homes are not built with HEATING systems, it’s EFFIN’ FRIGID! There’s nothing you can do but shut the windows, bundle up and eat hot food…

And I also say this to you thick-blooded northerners…it is still damp, and very windy…so add that to a high of 59*F and it’s prolly more like 49*F!

God damn I hate the cold. Oh, I just remembered why I was writing this. The shower. I think the cold affects my brain function…

So BECAUSE it has been so cold/non-sunny, I have been reluctant to shower because #1-with no sun, our solar water heater can’t do its job, and I have to turn on the crappy, inefficient electric water heater…and #2-Even if there IS hot water, it’s still friggin’ freezing when you get out!!!!

Lucky for me (only lucky cuz I don’t have bills to pay) my non-showered grossness has not been inflicted on the public since I haven’t had work this week. Not cuz I’m on vacay, but because my (and several other coworkers’) contracts expired on Jan 2nd, so when we went to work on Monday, they sent us home, telling us the new contracts hadn’t been drawn up or approved as yet, and to protect them and us, we should go home…Sooooo…I been straight chillin’ (literally, Brrrr!)

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This is an example of one of the (pretty?) crafty things I tried. Last summer, I got into making these mirrors with seashell frames. But unfortunately, I kind of fell off once I start renovating my bedroom, cuz everything was in chaos for a long time (and still is somewhat chaotic) But here’s a pic of one of the mirrors I made, which hangs in my bedroom. The others, I made for friends, and stupidly didn’t take pictures before giving them away (stupid Laura!)

whatcha think?

whatcha think?

I realise this isn’t a great picture. I will try to take some better ones, maybe some more detail.

If anyone wants one of their own, I’m totally open to commissioning a mirror to your specifications (round, oval, square, rectangle, type of shells, random appearance?) So what do you say? Want your very own Bahamian-made sea-shell mirror with Bahamian shells?? hahah, when did this turn into an ad? Gahh…

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