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So yesterday I showed you my basil cutting growing roots, as well as the pot I decorated here, but here they are together!

pot o' basil

Also, the pomegranate tree that I planted back in September 2009, finally has its first fruit!

Update: Benji is disgruntled that I did not give the others involved any credit for this pomegranate. My bad. Benji & I bought the pomegranate tree (really more like a bush) together, and subsequently had my dad arrange digging a hole and actually putting it in the ground.

perfect pomegranate

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In less depressing news…I have stuffs to show you!

First of all, I read up on how to prune basil, and learned two things:

  1. aggressive pruning leads to greater leaf production,
  2. you can propagate basil by cutting off a branch and suspending it in water. in just a few short days, it will have sprouted its own roots! ready for planting!

my propagation set up

look at all ze roots!

So now you may be wondering what I’m going to plant my new basil plant in…Well. I have an answer for that too! Ta Daaaa!

shell pot! a pot with shells!

And yes. I glued all those shells on myself. Crafty, aren’t I? :-)

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I said I was gonna do it, and goshdarnit, I did it!


Ta Daaaaa!!!

Waaahh Waahh…..slightly underwhelmed, no? Well, bummer as it may be, the nursery only had what you can see here. And what you’re looking at (left to right) is basil, rosemary, native thyme and mint.

Would you believe that stupid plastic fake terracotta thingy cost me $32! THIRTY TWO DOLLARS!!! The Bahamas is so ridiculously overpriced! Anyway, the herbies smell divine, and I can wait to cook with them!

I’m proud of me, and I know you are too! I tried something! :) Now let’s see if I can keep them alive!

close up of the little herbies

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