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So these are those super cool solar lanterns I ordered:

i got the "pearl" ones

Then, here are a couple crafty ideas I found on www.marthastewart.com that I’m gonna make for my bday party…

seashell string lights!

shell candles!

collecting jars to make these


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Pretty, pretty beach themed party :)

sand dollars

sea shell sugar cookies

more shell cookies

beachy centrepieces

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I realise this seems super premature, but I was actually looking for birthday dresses when I ran across these 2 dresses…but you see, dress A is wool, so that would be too hot for my bday (in August), so I started thinking, wool would be good for when it’s cooler…like around Christmas/New Years, when I’ll be in Bermuda (where it’s cold, believe it or not). And thus, my poll! Please vote! :)

Dress A

Dress B

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This morning I booked my flights to go to Bermuda for Christmas! I realise it’s only June, but tickets to BDA are hella expensive. As it turns out, I had enough miles with American to get there! Only 35,000 miles, and then $114 in taxes! Not bad at all, considering that I would have paid $880 for the same ticket!

I’m sooooo excited to spend this Christmas with my mum’s side of the family, aaaaaand for Benji to be coming with me!! :)

Last year, I spent Christmas in Spanish Wells with Benji’s family, and it was lovely. But there’s nothing like being with your own family during the holidays! I guess part of growing up and settling down is having to alternate spending holidays with each other’s fam. Unfortunately for me, my parents are split up, so there’s 3 parties in the rotation! (my mum, my dad and Benji’s fam) That’s probably more unfortunate for Benji, hahah!

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ready for his close up

bubba in heaven

sweet shera leading breesy

shepherd turned pointer?

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So as some of my readers (do I have any?) may know…I have a Wii, and I love me some Wii Fit (except for you Downward Dog…you can read about that here) and I think it’s fun to use as a supplement to (and sometimes, only form of) exercise. Naturally, for Christmas, I asked for the new EA Active game for Wii. I tried it out for the first time on Monday, and here’s what I have to say…

woop-there it is

I am sore (as in can barely walk). It’s an intense workout. My heart was pumping and I worked up a good sweat.

However, overall, I’m disappointed with the game. It’s not at all intuitive or interactive or cool in the same ways that make me love Wii Fit. Like, why do I have to tell it how much I weigh? Can’t it just know that from me standing on the Balance Board?? And why doesn’t it know when I’m faking it out? It doesn’t measure my weight distribution or balance or anything!? It’s basically just an exercise DVD that you follow…there’s no feedback or measurements or anything…boo!

I’ll probably keep doing it cuz, like I said, it does seem to be a good work out…but I think it would be best in conjunction with Wii Fit to track your progress, ya know? Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents…

Next on my Wii Want list (haha)…Wii Fiit Plus…yup…

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Holy brokeness Batman. Christmas-time + Guests in town = I have no money.

I didn’t do too bad on the Christmas gift front. All in all probably a few hundred bucks. But THEN, my friends came in town, and boy…let me break it down for you…

Liquor Store: +/- $525

Food Store: +/- $150

Cigars: +/- $450

Gas in boat: +/- $600

Fireworks: +/- $400

What does that even come to?? Shit…$2,125. And that doesn’t even include other incidentals, or random crap I can’t think of at the moment…All in all, Benji & I prolly spent like $2,500, and let me tell you…I’m hurting now.

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