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Well. Benji and I had planned to play tennis this evening. But since the weather decided to be crap! (torrential downpours) thus rendering the clay courts to complete mush…we’ve had to scratch that plan… :( boo.

Luckily, however, I have been keeping my swim gear in my car for just such an occasion. I even bought a brand new swim cap the other day (yes, I am that person…) So this evening, I am going to don my Speedo (eek!), put to use the iPod Shuffle and waterproof housing/headphones that Benji bought me for Valentine’s Day 2009 (and I’ve never used…sorry honey) and swim! At the beach! In the ocean! Where the sharks live! Ahhh!

Wish me luck! Let’s hope I don’t end up like this guy! :-( Yikes…


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My latest foray into fitness.

I swear I’m gonna try this time. I still have my cool Nike+iPod gadget, which is still awesome. But this time: back to basics.

While I was in the states 2 weeks ago, I picked up a few simple items that should make it easier for me to work out at home.

#1: Jump Rope

#2: Resistance Cords

#3: Bender Ball

#4: Well actually, #4 isn’t so simple. #4 is actually rather ridiculous, but hey-here is it: SlenderTone.

I’ll keep you posted. The weather here is starting to get summertime gorgeous which means I’m only a few weeks from weekly bikini days! Eek! Fitness starts today bitches!

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By the By

I did some Wii Fit last night. Andddd. It’s still the best. Now I’ve unlocked all the Yoga poses (but what’s up with the last like 4 poses not even using the Balance Board! WTF man?!) So I’m doing the legs in the air shoulder stand thing and my trainer is all “Wow, you have incredible balance, keep it up!” And I’m like, how the hell would you know? You’re full of shit! For all she knows, I could just be sitting there doing nothing…

But yea. Wii Fit, still awesome.

Another aside. So I set a new “goal” to lose 19lbs in 6 months, giving me a BMI of 22.14 (since apparently people with a BMI of 22 are the least likely to get sick). Now. That would make me 5’9 (but really I think I’m 5’10 maybe?) and 150lbs. That’s pretty friggin’ thin for my height (although I have been there before…) and only a BMI of 22??? How skinny would I have to get to be “Underweight”?? I think that BMI calculator-thingy might be a little off…just sayin’…

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So as some of my readers (do I have any?) may know…I have a Wii, and I love me some Wii Fit (except for you Downward Dog…you can read about that here) and I think it’s fun to use as a supplement to (and sometimes, only form of) exercise. Naturally, for Christmas, I asked for the new EA Active game for Wii. I tried it out for the first time on Monday, and here’s what I have to say…

woop-there it is

I am sore (as in can barely walk). It’s an intense workout. My heart was pumping and I worked up a good sweat.

However, overall, I’m disappointed with the game. It’s not at all intuitive or interactive or cool in the same ways that make me love Wii Fit. Like, why do I have to tell it how much I weigh? Can’t it just know that from me standing on the Balance Board?? And why doesn’t it know when I’m faking it out? It doesn’t measure my weight distribution or balance or anything!? It’s basically just an exercise DVD that you follow…there’s no feedback or measurements or anything…boo!

I’ll probably keep doing it cuz, like I said, it does seem to be a good work out…but I think it would be best in conjunction with Wii Fit to track your progress, ya know? Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents…

Next on my Wii Want list (haha)…Wii Fiit Plus…yup…

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I am apparently the world’s worst blogger!! Such a seemingly easy task to try, and I can’t even keep that up!!

Attempt: Blogging.

Status: failed


In better news, I have been successful in running every day since Saturday! Except for today….so far….Shit…that’s only 4 days! It feels like way more than that! My Nike+iPod thingy is fabulous. It really motivates me being able to know exactly how far I’ve run, and at what pace. It’s so sad that in high school, at the peak of my fitness (I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years) I easily ran a 6 minute mile. And now…just 7 years later…I’ve been running 12 minute miles :( Terrible.

I’d be happy if I could get down to a 9 minute mile. I’m sure I could if I was only running a 1 mile “sprint”…but what’s the point of that?? Last night I ran almost 2.5miles, and was very pleased with myself…I hope I can keep it up! Maybe I won’t even pack on those holiday pounds!!

Also, bedroom renovation update: COUNTERTOPS BEING DELIVERED TOMORROW!! woooooooooohoooooo!! it’s about friggin’ time!! Countertops are pretty much the final piece of this puzzle that has been my bedroom reno! I’m hoping  my daddio will promptly install the countertops, sink, faucet. Then it’s just a matter of hanging the upper shelves over the 18inch backsplash…attaching the drawers pulls…..*anticipation is mounting*….STOCKING THE CABINETS….AND BOOM!!! DONE!!! ahhhhh! I can’t friggin’ wait!

Now if only I could find my Olympus camera charger….then I could document this momentous occasion and share the joy with all of you…

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For those of you who may have noticed I’m not really “trying” much lately…I have a good reason.

As far as my exercising goes, well, I have 2 excuses…

#1 is I’ve had this stubborn chest cough for 2 weeks now!!! I feel mostly fine, and I’m not congested or achy or anything, but just have this horrible, gross cough! I dunno what the deal is.

#2 is kind of embarrassing. Actually, I was really embarrassed. The other day, when I was leaving work, I was pulling out of my parking space (keep in mind that I drive a scooter) and when I turned the throttle to give it some gas, I’m not sure if I gave it too much, or the throttle jammed or what, but me & the scooter took off, and I lost control, almost crashed into a parked car, and eventually fell over and hit the pavement. *tear*

I ripped up my good work trousers, & scratched and bruised up both knees and the top of my left foot. Lucky for me (this is sarcasm) a bunch of people were around to witness my wipe out, and ran over in a flurry of concern. I’m grateful they were there in case I really had been hurt, and their concern was very nice. But really, I was more or less fine, just felt really stupid.

A day later, once all the bruises had set in real good, I realised I must have hit the handlebars with my right shoulder, cuz it’s killing! Soooo, I have been unable to run and/or wear tennis shoes with my various injuries.

With regard to my composting/gardening activities. Well, one day, I opened up the bottom tray to dump the compost, to find 2 shiny metal pieces laying on top. I subsequently photographed and emailed the pix to NatureMill, telling them my latch wouldn’t close either. They replied right away saying it was a problem that has been noted and they’d mail me an upgrade latch right away, free of charge. Which they did. Actually, they sent two. I hope that doesn’t mean their ‘upgrade’ is bound to fail as well…

I finally got around to installing the new latch yesterday afternoon. It was a stinky, messy, tricky job. First of all, the instructions were kind of vague, and second of all, the composter handles waste. So, inherently, it kind of stinks. Although it’s not like rotten garbage smell, it’s some kind of smell. Anyhow, it got done. Thank goodness. I guess that’s another thing I should be thankful for.

I’m also thankful it’s almost CHRISTMAS!!! Ahhhhhh! I gonna get my tree & decorations this weekend! Yayz for dayz!

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This weekend was a total wash as far as my ‘active’ lifestyle amendments go…

On Friday evening, I went to the foodstore and was cooking dinner during the hours I usually spend doing Wii Fit and walking Shera, so by the time I was done, Benji had arrived with a few bottles of wine, and…well…I got into those.

Then Saturday, I woke up in a funk, so I was really unmotivated. But I ended up doing some useful things around the house…tidying up my room, washing the dogs, assembling furniture, reviewing an EIA, clearing out kitchen cabinets, watering plants, pruning trees, etc.

mermaid costume

my costume

I hadn’t really planned on going out for Halloween, but…I did. I was a mermaid, and Benji was a pirate (who caught me, but I forgot to wear my net) Anddddd, I ended up drinking wayyyyy too much, and was horribly hungover until about 2pm yesterday. Finally around that time, I was able to keep a couple french fries down…which meant I could take my 222s. As soon as that codeine hit my system, I was back to feeling almost 100%. Codeine is a miracle drug, I swear.


my miracle drug

Unfortunately for you Americanos out there, you can’t get codeine OTC. Not like in this beautiful country of mine…or Bermuda…or Canada. sigh…at least Canada is good for something.

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