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Originally submitted at InvitationBox.com

This flat ivory invitation features a bluish green background with a brown border. Four seashells adorn the left side of the card. Includes ivory unlined envelopes.

Very Pleased. Would use again!

By bahamablonde from Nassau, Bahamas on 7/28/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Online Preview/Proofing, High Quality Stock, Good Print Quality, Attractive Design

Best Uses: Stationery, Corporate Event, Adult Event

Describe Yourself: Party Host

I am very pleased with the invitations I ordered from invitationbox.com. The invites are gorgeous, printed on nice, heavy paper, and come with nice envelopes too! They (the invitations) are bigger than I expected, a full 1/2 page, but beautiful nonetheless. They are slightly on the expensive side, but worth the cost for the elegance of custom invitations. Would definitely use again, and/or recommend to a friend!



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Oh! And I forgot to tell you! I’ve made my pick of the litter!! Woooooo!

I went by to visit his sweet, snuggly self yesterday. Wanna see him? OK :)

Baby Brees!

Ahhhh! And this picture doesn’t even do him justice! He is just scrumptuous! I could eat him up! Of all 9 pups, he’s the biggest! At 4.5 weeks, he weighs 7LBS! Wowie! And I also think he has the plushest coat :)

As I mentioned before, his name is Brees (WHO DAT SAINTS SUPERBOWL CHAMPS! WOOOOOOOO!!!) and he already seems to respond to his name cuz his litter name was Green (they were all just named the colour of the string on their necks to tell them apart) And since Brees/Green have a similar sound, he already responds! :) He’s so curious too! We took him out of the pen to wander around, and he’s not shy at all! And then when I call him, he comes bounding over and jumps in my lap! :) I could just melt! Only 2 more weeks til he’s mine! Yayyyyyyz for dayz!

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it's a new day people!

I came across this on some lady’s website, and I am adopting it. Basically, the gist is, I’m tired of being all “hey guys, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while” cuz really…I’m not sorry. And, I’m tired of READING it on other blogs as well!!

On top of that, the truth is that if I just wrote every day for the sake of it, the quality of my blog would suffer (ha?)

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Well peeps, the Patio Sale was a success! All in all, we made $677!! Not bad, ay? That should pay for a few Christmas presents…

But I am EXHAUSTED!! Geeeeeeezzzzzz…

Last night it was blowin’ a GALE, and I was so worried it’d still be kickin’ this morning, but luckily for us, when we got up at friggin’ 5am, the wind was much calmer. So, like I said: 5am, we were out in my driveway unfolding tables and setting up all the crap we had to sell. Benji’s mum sent a couple boxes of kids/tweens/teens clothes that didn’t sell at her shop in Spanish Wells, and so we sold a lot of those as well. Actually, if we didn’t have that stuff, our Patio Sale might have been kinda sparse.

Apparently most people that frequent these sales are looking for kitchen goods and we didn’t really have any. Despite the signs saying the sale didn’t start til 7am, our first customer showed up at 6.20am as we were hanging the last of the signs around my neighbourhood! Bahamians! I swear…

Anyway, we wrapped things up about 10.30am cuz I was just so tired, no food in my belly, or caffeine in my blood, and it was starting to get HOT! (yes, people, it IS still hot in The Bahamas, in December) Ha, in the end, we had a table left of books and puzzles, a full set of encyclopoedias and other crap that didn’t sell, and the last 2 ladies (with a car full of tiefin’ kids-I’m certain they stole 4 PS2 games, took them out the cases!!! Sneaky bastards…but I digress) Back to the 2 ladies, they had $5 left, and we had this table full of unsellable garbage, so we were like, take the whole table for $5. Can’t beat that. It was a real relief to me, cuz I did not want to deal with disposing of all that rubbish. Win-win.

So now I’ve had me a cuppa tea, a grilled cheese, and I’m about to doze off while I watch The Holiday on TBS. Sounds like a pretty successful Saturday if you ask me…. :)

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I probably haven’t mentioned that a major component of my bedroom “renovation” is getting rid of all the useless shit I own. Storage in my room is very limited now that a former storage area has been converted to a kitchenette. So, I plan to do this by having a Patio Sale (that’s the same as a Garage Sale, for all you Americans). Bahamians loooooove Patio Sales. They’ll rummage thru your shit for as long as you’ll let them. Typically, if I recall correctly from my mum’s Patio Sales, you start really early, at like 7am, and go a few hours, til I guess 11 or so.

So I have about 3-ish boxes of crap, mostly clothes, but also some other random articles (an old Nintendo 64, games, controllers) but Benji…well, he’s another story! We went thru his stuff, getting rid of only the FEW items he could BEAR to part with, I was being VERY lenient on him, and we ended up with like 5 boxes! We still have A LOT of paring down to do when it comes to his wardrobe! I have never seen a man who owns so many clothes and shoes and hats! Half the crap we’re getting rid of is brand new, tags on!

SO: I’m tentatively planning this Patio Sale for next Saturday. Benji is gonna bring home some poster-board tonight so I can make some signs to hang around town, get the word out! :) Anyway, I’ll let you know how it goes…

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damn you access



Does ANYONE out there know how to use Microsoft Access???? Good God. That programme is so complicated. It doesn’t look complicated, cuz it looks just like any other MS Office tool, but geez man!

I’m trying to create a database for work, to keep track of Scientific Research Permit Applications, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds. I want to create it in such a way, that it can be queried to give us snapshots of certain information likeeee how many permits have been issued in the last 6 months, or where in The Bahamas research is going on, orrrr the nature of the ongoing research (ie: marine, geology, terrestrial, bla bla)

Anyway, it seems like I’m almost there, but the form I’m creating isn’t working properly. Sigh. So frustrating.

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I’m terrible, I’m sorry. I don’t really have any good excuse!! And the thing is, I actually kind of do have stuff to talk about!

Well #1 is: last week I was at this surprisingly great workshop at the Bahamas National Trust, entitled “Understanding and Using Economic Tools in Protected Area Research and Management”. It was given by 3 people from the Conservation Strategy Fund, which, as I understand it, is a non-profit organisation which uses economics to help developing countries.

Anyway, I learned an absolute ton! It was like a refresher of the Environmental Economics class I took in college (twice, cuz I failed the first time, lol). And I also made some great contacts! One of the lecturers is at Duke University in North Carolina, and he encouraged me to check out the Nicholas School at Duke for my Masters, and even said he would write me a recommendation! :) So, I’ve been researching Duke the last couple days, and it really looks like a great programme! Master of Environmental Management (MEM). There’s even a joint MEM/JD in Environmental Law programme (that takes 4 years, butttttt), so I’m considered that as well! Gaahhhh! So much to do!

First thing I’d have to do is study for & sit the GRE! Soooo, today I ordered my GRE study books online, and hopefully I’ll have that by next week or so…anddddd the application deadline is Feb 1st, so that means I’ll have to sit the exam sometime in January. Gahhh!!

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