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Day 6! They are growing so fast, and I feel like they look ready for harvest even though I’ve read they take 10 days…what to do, what to do!?

Day 6 sprouties


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Omg, they grew so much last night! I’m shocked!

Day 5

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Over a year ago now, Benji & I ordered both the Easy Green Sprouter and the Green Star 2000 Juicer to start a new healthier lifestyle (remember this and this?). We used the juicer quite a few times initially, juicing mangoes, apples, mulberries and carrots to name a few, but after a number of weeks, the excitement wore off, and the juicer went into hibernation on the kitchen counter…

The sprouter suffered a similar fate. I unsuccessfully attempted to sprout some old broccoli seeds we had kickin’ around and subsequently gave up, and the sprouter has lived since, caked in dust, on top of the laundry cabinets.

I can’t remember exactly what spurred my latest round of enthusiasm, but I finally went ahead and ordered 10lbs of organic wheatgrass seeds online, and when they arrived I was excited to get going!

So I started them on Wednesday (I think) and here’s what they looked like on Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

The Easy Green Sprouter comes with a timer that you can set to mist the sprouts automatically on whatever schedule is appropriate for the crop you’re growing. It really makes it super simple! I think I read that wheatgrass takes about 10 days before the sprouts are ready for juicing. It’s so amazing to watch the sprouts change and grow every day! I can’t wait to try some new varieties for juicing & salads once I get the hang of it!

Will keep you posted!

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sheree wanted to see what i was up to

Sheree wanted to see what I was up to

There’s my high-tech Avocado sprouting set-up, in the kitchen window. Shera is so sweet. As I walk around the house, she follows me from window to window to door to door, always wanting to keep an eye on me :) She lurvs me!

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Avocado Update!

Check out all the new roots! WOOOOO!!!


so many roots!!

I can feel it – any day now the shoot is gonna come bursting through the top! I can’t wait!

I also just started sprouting another Avocado pit:


new baby avocado pit

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Avocado Sprouting

This sprouting is done a little differently than the sprouting I discussed in Step 2… :) The seed’s a leeeedle big, even for my fancy contraption.

So, we have a full-grown Avocado tree in my front yard, that’s about as old as I am, and we got a few pears off it this year, and I ate it up, and kept one of the seeds (pits?) to try and sprout.

There she is!

There she is!

Those are actually corn-cob holders…I didn’t have any toothpicks. Meh, oh well! But it don’t make no diff, cuz look! Progress!

awesome sproutage!!

awesome sproutage!!

And, call me crazy, but I actually think this pic looks kinda cool and artsy, haha…seriously though.

But anyway, the sprouted Avocado will be ready for planting once a shoot comes out of the top of the seed. What you’re seeing in that pic are roots (I know you knew that, but just to be sure…) I only know these things cause I googled how to sprout an Avocado pit. The internet is a beautiful thing. More specifically. Google. Love it.

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So as I mentioned in my last post, I have several on-going efforts to “get healthy”. I should give a little background on where this all started…otherwise I just seem a little crazy…

A few months ago, I read the book Skinny Bitch. Now: not that I’m particularly overweight, but like a lot of women, I’m usually trying to improve my figure; tone up, lose a few… So SB advocates an organic Vegan lifestyle based on 2 main arguments:

1- non-organic food stuffs and meats are loaded up with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and all kinds of crazy, gross stuff that you really wouldn’t want in your body if you knew you were eating it…

2-eating meat is cruel (and gross in theory…no matter how tasty & delicious it may be)

Now-I have always been a carnivore. I love meat (still do)…however, in the back of my mind I’ve always had a moral problem eating the flesh of cute lambs and cows with their long eye-lashes…especially since I would never have the balls to kill them myself. But until now(ish) I have just ignored that moral dilemma and continued to enjoy my steaks and lamb chops…

I should get this...

I should get this...

But upon finishing SB (which took less than 24hrs…really easy read) I was inspired to try the Vegan thing… That lasted about a day! Nassau just does not offer enough (read: any!) vegan options, so that left me with vegetarianism, and that has been much easier…although not without its hiccups.

And during that initial phase of inspiration, my boyfriend and I invested in an awesome sprouter and juicer so that we could get all super healthy, full of fresh fruit and veg and antioxidants and all that other good stuff! And because we would have all kinds of extra organic waste as a result of our new healthy, veggie-full diet, I figured we should get a composter to deal with it! (I got the green one :D …and yes, if you haven’t noticed, we are gadget freaks…)

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