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Last night was a looooong night for me. I was late getting to bed in the first place, cuz Benji had gone out to chill with his buddies and celebrate his friend having a son, and I always have trouble falling asleep when he’s not around. And of course he forgot his house keys, so when he came home at 1:30am, I had to let him in… (grrr!)

But on top of that, I’m dog-sitting Brees’ mumma dog, Cleo, while she’s on heat cuz Augusta doesn’t want her to be impregnated by her male, Wick (Brees’ daddy dog). Cleo is such a sweet dog, and she reminds me soooo much of Breesy boy. They look just alike in the face, and have so many of the same habits, it’s uncanny!

Surprisingly (or maybe not, but I always worry), all the dogs are taking well to each other, even my high-strung potcake (translation: mutt), Bubba (aka Lucky). Shera & Cleo are like long lost sisters, or best friends! They have not left each other’s side since I brought Cleo home yesterday evening! I tried to get video of them, but it was too dark, but they keep licking each other’s faces, and laying together, walking together and playing. You know how dogs get all bouncy and pouncy when they want to play, and they arch down onto their front legs? So cute! I’ve never seen Shera like that before! Typically Shera doesn’t care for other dogs because they detract attention from her, so she usually just ignores or avoids them, but she is all about Cleo! :)

Anyway, so Cleo, being on heat, must be feeling her natural urges to mate, because is soooo antsy to be outside at the fence next to the neighbour’s 2 (intact) male dogs! She also keeps trying to encourage Bubba (who is neutered) to mount her, but Bubba is confused by this because he has never done that! And so he has snarled at her a few times like, wtf lady!? But no harm done…

o hai! O_o i'm cleo

So even though last night I had Cleo up in the room with me, she kept waking me up to take her outside. Every hour and a half, she would jump up on the side of the bed and stick her wet nose in my face! I didn’t know whether she needed to pee or was just restless, so I would take her outside just in case. Each time I took her out, she did pee, but not instantly…it seemed like more of an afterthought. Tricky puppy!

By about 6:15am, both Shera & Cleo had had enough of sleeping, and insisted on being let outside, and I didn’t bother to bring them back in after that, but unfortunately, it was already light, and I was already up.

So, very disturbed sleep last night; very tired today. And to make matters worse: I used up the last off my instant coffee and the last of my 1/2 & 1/2…sad sauce. Although, it was pretty satisfying for both to run out at the same time…I like when things even out that way…

*in case you’re wondering why Cleo’s chest looks kind of…bald…it’s because she had an accident recently during one of her attempted escapes, and got caught on some sharp barbed wire :( Poor baby had to have all kinds of stitches to fix her up…but she is OK now! :)


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Happy Boy

smiley boy

I love this pic of Breesy. He was such a loving, happy puppy. Augusta took this pic one day when I brought him with me to an outdoor bar/restaurant. He loved to go out with me wherever I was going. As usual, he was just laying calmly at my feet, such a good boy…

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Looka my bebes

precious cargo

The bebes looooove going in the boat and to the beach with us, so whenever I open up the trunk, they’re super eager to hop right in! And the new car is perfect for driving them around! In this pic you can see the mesh barrier to prevent them from climbing into the backseat (and scratching the leather) and underneath their cute little butts is the removable plastic mat that is so easy to hose down! Perfecto! :)

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Wow. Random. I suddenly had a bunch of blog views on my post about dog breeding…which unfortunately never happened! Not with Shera at least. We’re hoping that if Brees turns out to be as great as we think he will be, we will breed him. But seeing as he’s a male, we wouldn’t have a whole litter, we’d prolly just get pick of the litter…but I’d be fine with that :-)

kisses for mumma!

On to other things now. I haven’t really been trying much of anything lately…which is maybe why I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve decided, however, that today I am going to start a herb garden. Yup. AND, I’m going to get my composter back up and running (oops, did I not mention that I’ve been neglecting it the last couple weeks months? teehee) Now that our horrible, evil housekeeper “H” no longer works for us, it shouldn’t be as difficult to maintain. I swear I told her on a daily basis, no grapefruit, no banana peels, etc. And yet, they ended up jamming my poor composter EVERY DAY! Ugh! Seriously though! To the point that it actually broke, and I had to email NatureMill for them to send me new parts! And believe me, it’s no fun installing those new parts into the dirty stinky composter! Yeck!

Also, I discovered this cool new blog today called Herban Lifestyle! (so clever hey?) That’s actually what inspired me to start my herb garden tonight. But anyway, the point I was getting at was that she posted a recipe for Mulberry Pie! How cool is that?! If you’ve ever read my blog, you may recall that I have several mulberry trees in my yard! So I’m uber excited to try this new form of mulberry goodness!

My prospective list of herbs…and some non-herbs: (provided that the nursery has them in stock)

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Parsley (flat-leaf/Italian)
  • Bay Leaf
  • Mint
  • Neem
  • Lavender
  • Garlic
  • Arugula

SO. Do we think it’s a bit over ambitious? I’m not sure…

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ready for his close up

bubba in heaven

sweet shera leading breesy

shepherd turned pointer?

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I hope everyone had a super Easter weekend! Here in Las Bahamas, we get Good Friday AND Easter Monday off as public holidays! So Benji & I decided to head up to Spanish Wells for the long weekend since our good friends James & Krissy were going, as were Benji’s sister, Holly & her hubby, Chris.

However, my Dad & his gf, Mary, were off the island in the states. This meant that Benji and I were responsible for all the doggies (Bubba, Shera & Brees) so we had to take all 3 with us. I wasn’t too worried about Shera and Brees, but Bubba is a bit of a high-strung dog, and he gets wound up very easily. Especially when put on a leash. And around crowds. Of unfamiliar people. And unknown dogs.  In a public place. So I’m thinking, ohhhh boy, what are we getting ourselves into?!

Miraculously, he wasn’t that bad. He was kind of a spaz while trying to get ON the Bo Hengy (the fast ferry…which takes 2.5hrs) He sort of thrashed around a bit, but once we had settled into our seats on the upper deck, he calmed down, and (I think) eventually enjoyed the ride, and the sun-bathing.

they had an audience...

Once we were IN Spanish Wells, all the dogs were great. They LOVED the beach we were staying on, especially at low tide when all the sand banks were exposed:

beautiful low tide

Breesy also learned to swim while we were out on the banks. I would just keep walking out into the water, and he would follow, and eventually it’d be deep enough that he couldn’t walk anymore, and thus : swimming Breesy!


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Oh! And I forgot to tell you! I’ve made my pick of the litter!! Woooooo!

I went by to visit his sweet, snuggly self yesterday. Wanna see him? OK :)

Baby Brees!

Ahhhh! And this picture doesn’t even do him justice! He is just scrumptuous! I could eat him up! Of all 9 pups, he’s the biggest! At 4.5 weeks, he weighs 7LBS! Wowie! And I also think he has the plushest coat :)

As I mentioned before, his name is Brees (WHO DAT SAINTS SUPERBOWL CHAMPS! WOOOOOOOO!!!) and he already seems to respond to his name cuz his litter name was Green (they were all just named the colour of the string on their necks to tell them apart) And since Brees/Green have a similar sound, he already responds! :) He’s so curious too! We took him out of the pen to wander around, and he’s not shy at all! And then when I call him, he comes bounding over and jumps in my lap! :) I could just melt! Only 2 more weeks til he’s mine! Yayyyyyyz for dayz!

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