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Hiya my imaginary readers! Don’t forget to check out my guest post over at “Confessions of a College Graduate”! That’s some juicy shit right thurr!

Here’s a teaser…

aren't you dying to know what's going on here?

PS: This is my blog’s 100th post! Woo!!


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Now I know I usually keep it pretty PG over here on my blog, seeing as it’s pretty much just a journal of my hobbies (and it’s not anonymous at all!), but truth be told, I can be a huge bitch when I’m ready! And most of my best friends are also awesomely bitchy (that’s a compliment ladies!)

Over the course of the next week or so, I’m going to be guest blogging on one of my favourite bitch’s blog: Confessions of a College Graduate. If you’ve read her blog at all, you already know all about her shit-talking and how hilarious she is, as she reminisces on some of the crazy mess we got into as roommates in college! So I’ll be sharing some more ridiculous moments from the best 4 years of our lives, and you should definitely stop by and have a laugh!

Looking forward to it! :)

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Ahhh, it’s been so long! But, I’m not gonna apologise; I been livin’ life kids! Ha, well kind of.

As you may recall (I actually can’t remember if I told you) my contract with the Government expired at the end of December, but I went back to work on Jan 4th nonetheless. I was, however, sent home, due to the lack of contract. So, a week goes by. Nothing. I start working at Ferragamo to help fill out the schedule (they’re a few ladies short of a full staff) and fix a few mix-ups with the database/inventory, etc.

One week passes, another week passes…still no word from Government. Then it was time for Benji & my trip to New Orleans. I don’t think I mentioned this. My friend, Jocelyn, was getting married, so we had this trip planned for a while. But THEN, it just so happened that the Saints kept pushing through, and made it to the NFC Championship game, IN New Orleans! That was just plain luck that we were in town that same weekend! :)

Jackson Square

Anyhow, the trip was awesome. Meanwhile, I get an email from my bosses in gov’t, saying I need to write a letter requesting that my contract be renewed. Ok. First of all, WHAT? And second of all, why are you only just telling me this NOW?! Idiots. So I did, sent it in on Monday past. Who knows when I’ll hear back…I guess I’ll just continue to work shifts at Ferragamo…even though it is starting to kill my soul. It is SO. mind-numbingly. BORING!!

In puppy news, the babies are 4 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!! :D I went to visit them yesterday afternoon, and they are SO. FREAKIN’. CUTE!! I almost died! Like seriously, check it out:

Baby Boy!

I’m gonna get to take his cute little butt home in just 4 more weeks! I can’t friggin’ wait. We already have a name for him. It’s “Brees”, as in Drew Brees: the New Orleans Saints QB. I know. It’s pretty awesome :)

Other updates include: my kitchen renovation is more or less finished! Here’s a pic:

My Kitchenette

That’s all for now! I’m off work tomorrow, and I gern to get my hurr did! :) Woot woot!

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Getting into grad school.

Specifically: Johns Hopkins University

Ha. It’s a long shot, but hey-can’t hurt to try right? Well it can hurt my feelings when I get rejected but…

So it’s actually an online Masters programme. 10 courses, 8 of them online, 2 of them in 2 3-week summer sessions on campus in Baltimore. And just like that, I’ll be a Master of Environmental Management. Sounds good, right? Online really would work out perfectly for me, because I can continue to earn a paycheque & gain experience in my field, while advancing my education. As opposed to up-rooting my life for 2 years while sacrificing an income and experience. (I’m guessing this is why online-school appeals to most adults…am I an adult?)

I’ve been “working” on my application for…geez…over a year now. But I guess I’ve never been 100% serious about it.

Yes, theoretically, I want a Masters Degree (more like I want the increased earning potential), and theoretically, I do have the time (although I’m not the most productive person…ahh Hello procrastination) and theoretically, I’m sure the bank would give me a loan to pay for it (am I actually responsible enough to have a loan?)

But…I hate school.

Let me rephrase that. My “college experience” was awesome. Tulane – great! New Orleans – amazing! Class, homework, exams, papers…not so much. It’s not that I’m not capable of doing the work, and doing it well…it’s just that, I’ve always been smart enough to get by without doing anything…and so…I haven’t…

Anyway. I don’t really have any excuse not to try. All that’s really left to complete on my application is my personal statement. Any ideas?

Dear Johns Hopkins,

I just got rejected from a dream opportunity in Fiji, and you’re my back-up. Maybe if I’d had a Master’s degree already, I would have been selected for that placement. So the idea behind getting this degree is to be a more appealing candidate in the future. Do me a solid and let me in, k? Thanksbye.

I like it. What you think?

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