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Getting into grad school.

Specifically: Johns Hopkins University

Ha. It’s a long shot, but hey-can’t hurt to try right? Well it can hurt my feelings when I get rejected but…

So it’s actually an online Masters programme. 10 courses, 8 of them online, 2 of them in 2 3-week summer sessions on campus in Baltimore. And just like that, I’ll be a Master of Environmental Management. Sounds good, right? Online really would work out perfectly for me, because I can continue to earn a paycheque & gain experience in my field, while advancing my education. As opposed to up-rooting my life for 2 years while sacrificing an income and experience. (I’m guessing this is why online-school appeals to most adults…am I an adult?)

I’ve been “working” on my application for…geez…over a year now. But I guess I’ve never been 100% serious about it.

Yes, theoretically, I want a Masters Degree (more like I want the increased earning potential), and theoretically, I do have the time (although I’m not the most productive person…ahh Hello procrastination) and theoretically, I’m sure the bank would give me a loan to pay for it (am I actually responsible enough to have a loan?)

But…I hate school.

Let me rephrase that. My “college experience” was awesome. Tulane – great! New Orleans – amazing! Class, homework, exams, papers…not so much. It’s not that I’m not capable of doing the work, and doing it well…it’s just that, I’ve always been smart enough to get by without doing anything…and so…I haven’t…

Anyway. I don’t really have any excuse not to try. All that’s really left to complete on my application is my personal statement. Any ideas?

Dear Johns Hopkins,

I just got rejected from a dream opportunity in Fiji, and you’re my back-up. Maybe if I’d had a Master’s degree already, I would have been selected for that placement. So the idea behind getting this degree is to be a more appealing candidate in the future. Do me a solid and let me in, k? Thanksbye.

I like it. What you think?


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