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Remember a few months ago when I was talking about breeding Shera, but then the vet told us her hips weren’t good enough, and I was so disappointed (read that post here)? Well anyway, the lady, let’s call her “A”, who’s male (Wick) we were going to breed Shera with, mated with the same lady’s female, Cleo (who is also all black like ReeRee). And so the lady, A, told me about 2 weeks ago that Cleo was preggers!! And everyday since then I’ve been all, AHHHHH I’M GETTING A PUPPPYYYYYYYYYY!!! And agonising over a name for him…yes, I’ve decided I want a him.

So, last night, I dreamt that Cleo had the puppies, and when I woke up, I messaged A to tell her about my dream and she tells me that Cleo is due TODAY! And then I call A, and Cleo’s water breaks while we’re on the phone!!! Gahhhhhh!!! I’m so friggin’ thrilled. So as soon as I shower (more on this in my next post, lol), I’m gonna head over to A’s house and help her with the new pupparoonies!!!!!! :) The sonogram Cleo had the other day showed at least 7 PUPPIES!!!!

I can’t friggin’ wait!!!


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It’s true.

My baby, Shera, just came into heat yesterday!! And now that she’s almost 5 (!!) it’s about time we tried to pass on her perfection to a new generation :)

Luckily, a few months back, we met a wonderful lady who has a gorgeous male Shiloh Shepherd (read up on what that is here) and we’re gonna try make some babies with him!


Shera's boyfriend: so fluffy and beautiful!

In case you forgot, this is my Sheree:


my princess

So, I’m by no means an expert, but from what little research I’ve done online, the best time for conception is between days 9 & 14 of her “estrus”. Yesterday being day 1, that should be beginning next Monday (9-11-09). Good timing since Benji & I are going away Thursday-Sunday!

Just to make sure everything is all good, I’m taking Shera to the vet tomorrow for a general check up, and maybe X-ray of her hips, just to make sure she can handle a pregnancy at no risk to her!

From what I’ve read, average gestation period for dogs is about 63 days. Can you imagine if I have little baby pupparoonies crawling around just (63+8ish…) 71 days from now!?!?! Ahhhh!!

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sheree wanted to see what i was up to

Sheree wanted to see what I was up to

There’s my high-tech Avocado sprouting set-up, in the kitchen window. Shera is so sweet. As I walk around the house, she follows me from window to window to door to door, always wanting to keep an eye on me :) She lurvs me!

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