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Over a year ago now, Benji & I ordered both the Easy Green Sprouter and the Green Star 2000 Juicer to start a new healthier lifestyle (remember this and this?). We used the juicer quite a few times initially, juicing mangoes, apples, mulberries and carrots to name a few, but after a number of weeks, the excitement wore off, and the juicer went into hibernation on the kitchen counter…

The sprouter suffered a similar fate. I unsuccessfully attempted to sprout some old broccoli seeds we had kickin’ around and subsequently gave up, and the sprouter has lived since, caked in dust, on top of the laundry cabinets.

I can’t remember exactly what spurred my latest round of enthusiasm, but I finally went ahead and ordered 10lbs of organic wheatgrass seeds online, and when they arrived I was excited to get going!

So I started them on Wednesday (I think) and here’s what they looked like on Day 3

Day 3

Day 4

The Easy Green Sprouter comes with a timer that you can set to mist the sprouts automatically on whatever schedule is appropriate for the crop you’re growing. It really makes it super simple! I think I read that wheatgrass takes about 10 days before the sprouts are ready for juicing. It’s so amazing to watch the sprouts change and grow every day! I can’t wait to try some new varieties for juicing & salads once I get the hang of it!

Will keep you posted!


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As I mentioned before, my  bf & I invested in this newfangled automatic sprouter that is meant to make sprouting a lot easier. So, according to the directions, you set the timer, add the seeds to the trays, fill the reservoir with water, and then just plug she in! So…I did just that. It even drains right into the sink-no fuss!

there she is! fancy set-up in the laundry!

there she is! fancy set-up in the laundry!

And here’s a shot of the seed “cartridges”…I set them up with some seeds I’ve had laying around for a while…who knows if they’re anymore good, but I’m trying… They’re Basil, Parsley, Oregano and Thyme…but not necessarily in that order…I think I also threw some Snapdragon seeds in there.

trays of soon-to-be herbal goodness!

trays of soon-to-be herbal goodness!

So far, unfortunately, nothing really appears to be sprouting, and it’s been about a week. One tray of seeds has some tiny shoots, but I think the seeds might have just been past their prime in the first place, so I’m gonna try again with some new seeds.

Something else to note is that instead of using just plain water, we’ve been using this stuff called “Ocean Grown Solution”. It’s a concentrated solution which supposedly contains like 90 minerals and stuff which used to be in soil back at like…the beginning of time! I’ve also been using it on my house plants, and the results are amazing! I wish I had taken some before/after pix, because there is a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of the plants, in just a short time! I highly recommend!!

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