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So Brees is a puppy. And he’s turning into a big dog. Which means…he is losing his puppy teeth. Most of them have fallen out un-noticed, but a few (3) have either fallen out on my bedroom floor while I watch him eat dinner…orrrr…umm…have been pulled out, cuz they were too damn wiggly and were freaking me out!!

Question now is…am I a creeper if I keep my baby’s baby teeth??

i've got you now!

My good friend, who shall remain anonymous :P, says I look like a creeper in this pic…She might be right. Brees does look a little bit like he’s trying to escape. And I am staring directly into the camera like a freak. And it’s pretty obvious I took this picture of myself…and that in and of itself is pretty darn creepy.

So perhaps it’s true. Perhaps I am indeed a creeper. In that case, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t keep Brees’ puppy teeth.

Problem solved!

Let us not forget though, that right now YOU are creeping my blog…yup! Have a great day, fellow creepers! :)


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