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You might be wondering from my last post, why I would say I’m gonna shower and then “more on that later”, as if this is something unusual or interesting…But here’s why: it’s friggin’ FREEZING here the last few days!!! And yes, I know all you northerners are probably thinking something along the lines of, cold? in the Bahamas? pshht please! But it is!! And while 50’s and 60’s may not sound cold to you, in a country where homes are not built with HEATING systems, it’s EFFIN’ FRIGID! There’s nothing you can do but shut the windows, bundle up and eat hot food…

And I also say this to you thick-blooded northerners…it is still damp, and very windy…so add that to a high of 59*F and it’s prolly more like 49*F!

God damn I hate the cold. Oh, I just remembered why I was writing this. The shower. I think the cold affects my brain function…

So BECAUSE it has been so cold/non-sunny, I have been reluctant to shower because #1-with no sun, our solar water heater can’t do its job, and I have to turn on the crappy, inefficient electric water heater…and #2-Even if there IS hot water, it’s still friggin’ freezing when you get out!!!!

Lucky for me (only lucky cuz I don’t have bills to pay) my non-showered grossness has not been inflicted on the public since I haven’t had work this week. Not cuz I’m on vacay, but because my (and several other coworkers’) contracts expired on Jan 2nd, so when we went to work on Monday, they sent us home, telling us the new contracts hadn’t been drawn up or approved as yet, and to protect them and us, we should go home…Sooooo…I been straight chillin’ (literally, Brrrr!)

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