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Wow. Random. I suddenly had a bunch of blog views on my post about dog breeding…which unfortunately never happened! Not with Shera at least. We’re hoping that if Brees turns out to be as great as we think he will be, we will breed him. But seeing as he’s a male, we wouldn’t have a whole litter, we’d prolly just get pick of the litter…but I’d be fine with that :-)

kisses for mumma!

On to other things now. I haven’t really been trying much of anything lately…which is maybe why I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve decided, however, that today I am going to start a herb garden. Yup. AND, I’m going to get my composter back up and running (oops, did I not mention that I’ve been neglecting it the last couple weeks months? teehee) Now that our horrible, evil housekeeper “H” no longer works for us, it shouldn’t be as difficult to maintain. I swear I told her on a daily basis, no grapefruit, no banana peels, etc. And yet, they ended up jamming my poor composter EVERY DAY! Ugh! Seriously though! To the point that it actually broke, and I had to email NatureMill for them to send me new parts! And believe me, it’s no fun installing those new parts into the dirty stinky composter! Yeck!

Also, I discovered this cool new blog today called Herban Lifestyle! (so clever hey?) That’s actually what inspired me to start my herb garden tonight. But anyway, the point I was getting at was that she posted a recipe for Mulberry Pie! How cool is that?! If you’ve ever read my blog, you may recall that I have several mulberry trees in my yard! So I’m uber excited to try this new form of mulberry goodness!

My prospective list of herbs…and some non-herbs: (provided that the nursery has them in stock)

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Parsley (flat-leaf/Italian)
  • Bay Leaf
  • Mint
  • Neem
  • Lavender
  • Garlic
  • Arugula

SO. Do we think it’s a bit over ambitious? I’m not sure…


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For those of you who may have noticed I’m not really “trying” much lately…I have a good reason.

As far as my exercising goes, well, I have 2 excuses…

#1 is I’ve had this stubborn chest cough for 2 weeks now!!! I feel mostly fine, and I’m not congested or achy or anything, but just have this horrible, gross cough! I dunno what the deal is.

#2 is kind of embarrassing. Actually, I was really embarrassed. The other day, when I was leaving work, I was pulling out of my parking space (keep in mind that I drive a scooter) and when I turned the throttle to give it some gas, I’m not sure if I gave it too much, or the throttle jammed or what, but me & the scooter took off, and I lost control, almost crashed into a parked car, and eventually fell over and hit the pavement. *tear*

I ripped up my good work trousers, & scratched and bruised up both knees and the top of my left foot. Lucky for me (this is sarcasm) a bunch of people were around to witness my wipe out, and ran over in a flurry of concern. I’m grateful they were there in case I really had been hurt, and their concern was very nice. But really, I was more or less fine, just felt really stupid.

A day later, once all the bruises had set in real good, I realised I must have hit the handlebars with my right shoulder, cuz it’s killing! Soooo, I have been unable to run and/or wear tennis shoes with my various injuries.

With regard to my composting/gardening activities. Well, one day, I opened up the bottom tray to dump the compost, to find 2 shiny metal pieces laying on top. I subsequently photographed and emailed the pix to NatureMill, telling them my latch wouldn’t close either. They replied right away saying it was a problem that has been noted and they’d mail me an upgrade latch right away, free of charge. Which they did. Actually, they sent two. I hope that doesn’t mean their ‘upgrade’ is bound to fail as well…

I finally got around to installing the new latch yesterday afternoon. It was a stinky, messy, tricky job. First of all, the instructions were kind of vague, and second of all, the composter handles waste. So, inherently, it kind of stinks. Although it’s not like rotten garbage smell, it’s some kind of smell. Anyhow, it got done. Thank goodness. I guess that’s another thing I should be thankful for.

I’m also thankful it’s almost CHRISTMAS!!! Ahhhhhh! I gonna get my tree & decorations this weekend! Yayz for dayz!

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got 'em?

got 'em?

So I already feel like I’m running out of things to write about on my poor little blog, and that it’s already as dull as dishwater. Maybe you people in cyberspace have some suggestions of things I could try out (preferably along the lines of my interests…) My interests are pretty simple:

Environment/Conservation, climate change, invasive species

Animals; pets & wildlife

Health/Diet, vegetarianism, cooking, organic, gardening, composting

Fitness: gym, weights, tennis, swimming, water-sports

Some other interests of mine which I haven’t written about yet are things like: boating, reading, spirituality, decorating, crafts (oo that reminds me, I could show you guys some of the (pretty?) things I’ve made)

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You may have guessed by now that all that growing and sprouting was leading to something…JUICING! :) (well…eating too)

not sure why it's so frothy...
not sure why it’s so frothy…

The last penultimate piece of gadgetry (is that a word…I say yes) is our fancy Juicer, the Green Star 2000. Awesome.

Ultimately, we’re hoping to be able to sprout, grow and juice all our own fruit…but in the interim, we just juice whatever decent produce the store has.

Here she is in action with some Granny Smith Apples!

nom nom nom

nom nom nom

The advantage of this type of juicer  (“twin gear”) which crushes the produce much as your own teeth would, as opposed many of the others on the market which basically pulverise the produce and then send it through a centrifuge to remove the juice, is that it retains much more of the nutrition (supposedly). Another great synergistic benefit of this juicer is all the great pulp it churns out! It’s super dry-so you really know you’re getting all the juice out of the produce, and well…that pulps all ends up in Step 4! Read on folks (the suspense is killing you, I know…)

precious pulp!!

precious pulp!!

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So as I mentioned in my last post, I have several on-going efforts to “get healthy”. I should give a little background on where this all started…otherwise I just seem a little crazy…

A few months ago, I read the book Skinny Bitch. Now: not that I’m particularly overweight, but like a lot of women, I’m usually trying to improve my figure; tone up, lose a few… So SB advocates an organic Vegan lifestyle based on 2 main arguments:

1- non-organic food stuffs and meats are loaded up with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and all kinds of crazy, gross stuff that you really wouldn’t want in your body if you knew you were eating it…

2-eating meat is cruel (and gross in theory…no matter how tasty & delicious it may be)

Now-I have always been a carnivore. I love meat (still do)…however, in the back of my mind I’ve always had a moral problem eating the flesh of cute lambs and cows with their long eye-lashes…especially since I would never have the balls to kill them myself. But until now(ish) I have just ignored that moral dilemma and continued to enjoy my steaks and lamb chops…

I should get this...

I should get this...

But upon finishing SB (which took less than 24hrs…really easy read) I was inspired to try the Vegan thing… That lasted about a day! Nassau just does not offer enough (read: any!) vegan options, so that left me with vegetarianism, and that has been much easier…although not without its hiccups.

And during that initial phase of inspiration, my boyfriend and I invested in an awesome sprouter and juicer so that we could get all super healthy, full of fresh fruit and veg and antioxidants and all that other good stuff! And because we would have all kinds of extra organic waste as a result of our new healthy, veggie-full diet, I figured we should get a composter to deal with it! (I got the green one :D …and yes, if you haven’t noticed, we are gadget freaks…)

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Bad News…

Ugh, bad news kids…I haven’t run since the first time!! Ack! I’m so disappointed in myself!  But truth is, I really haven’t had a chance!

OK, a little explanation: my boyfriend and his siblings are opening a Salvatore Ferragamo store here in Nassau and I was helping out a lot to try and hurry things along as much as possible. After work on Friday I went over there to help, from about 5-10pm.

my beautiful handiwork!

some of my beautiful handiwork!

The store was finally somewhat operational by the end of Friday evening!! Yayyyy! And -my boyfriend made the inaugural sale! Wooo! :) And thennnn we worked Saturday evening from 8pm-11pm, and again for the morning shift on Sunday, 10am-1pm, and thennnn, well…Sunday afternoons are now totally devoted to football. :-| Joy.

*drool*...Ferragamo Bags & Shoes...

*drool*...Ferragamo Bags & Shoes...

Yesterday, after work, I was lame and spent the afternoon trying to catch up on House season 5 in time for the premiere, but…I didn’t get thru all of them…so I have no choice but to continue that marathon this evening! 13 down, 11 to go…:)

I could watch him all day!

I could watch him all day!

So, long story short, I’m  full of excuses very busy lately.

In better (other?) news, I have a few other things I’m currently “trying” and will be posting about asap:

#1 is I’m trying to sprout and grow my own vegetables this fall in an attempt to a) be healthy, b) save money, c) learn how.

#2 is I’ve planted 2 new trees, a Barbados Cherry and a Pomegranate! And both (!) have blossoms on them, and will hopefully be bearing fruit shortly! (the cherry has actually had a few already!)

#3 is a composting effort which began several weeks ago (before I had this blog) so I’m going to give you the background leading up til now…this also ties in with the veggie growing and attempt at vegetarianism (have I mentioned that yet? that’s also on the list of things I’m “trying”…)

It’s all very exciting stuff. (ha?)

Stay tuned!

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