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Wow. Random. I suddenly had a bunch of blog views on my post about dog breeding…which unfortunately never happened! Not with Shera at least. We’re hoping that if Brees turns out to be as great as we think he will be, we will breed him. But seeing as he’s a male, we wouldn’t have a whole litter, we’d prolly just get pick of the litter…but I’d be fine with that :-)

kisses for mumma!

On to other things now. I haven’t really been trying much of anything lately…which is maybe why I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve decided, however, that today I am going to start a herb garden. Yup. AND, I’m going to get my composter back up and running (oops, did I not mention that I’ve been neglecting it the last couple weeks months? teehee) Now that our horrible, evil housekeeper “H” no longer works for us, it shouldn’t be as difficult to maintain. I swear I told her on a daily basis, no grapefruit, no banana peels, etc. And yet, they ended up jamming my poor composter EVERY DAY! Ugh! Seriously though! To the point that it actually broke, and I had to email NatureMill for them to send me new parts! And believe me, it’s no fun installing those new parts into the dirty stinky composter! Yeck!

Also, I discovered this cool new blog today called Herban Lifestyle! (so clever hey?) That’s actually what inspired me to start my herb garden tonight. But anyway, the point I was getting at was that she posted a recipe for Mulberry Pie! How cool is that?! If you’ve ever read my blog, you may recall that I have several mulberry trees in my yard! So I’m uber excited to try this new form of mulberry goodness!

My prospective list of herbs…and some non-herbs: (provided that the nursery has them in stock)

  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Parsley (flat-leaf/Italian)
  • Bay Leaf
  • Mint
  • Neem
  • Lavender
  • Garlic
  • Arugula

SO. Do we think it’s a bit over ambitious? I’m not sure…


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ready for his close up

bubba in heaven

sweet shera leading breesy

shepherd turned pointer?

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I hope everyone had a super Easter weekend! Here in Las Bahamas, we get Good Friday AND Easter Monday off as public holidays! So Benji & I decided to head up to Spanish Wells for the long weekend since our good friends James & Krissy were going, as were Benji’s sister, Holly & her hubby, Chris.

However, my Dad & his gf, Mary, were off the island in the states. This meant that Benji and I were responsible for all the doggies (Bubba, Shera & Brees) so we had to take all 3 with us. I wasn’t too worried about Shera and Brees, but Bubba is a bit of a high-strung dog, and he gets wound up very easily. Especially when put on a leash. And around crowds. Of unfamiliar people. And unknown dogs.  In a public place. So I’m thinking, ohhhh boy, what are we getting ourselves into?!

Miraculously, he wasn’t that bad. He was kind of a spaz while trying to get ON the Bo Hengy (the fast ferry…which takes 2.5hrs) He sort of thrashed around a bit, but once we had settled into our seats on the upper deck, he calmed down, and (I think) eventually enjoyed the ride, and the sun-bathing.

they had an audience...

Once we were IN Spanish Wells, all the dogs were great. They LOVED the beach we were staying on, especially at low tide when all the sand banks were exposed:

beautiful low tide

Breesy also learned to swim while we were out on the banks. I would just keep walking out into the water, and he would follow, and eventually it’d be deep enough that he couldn’t walk anymore, and thus : swimming Breesy!


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Good news to report!

I’m no longer unemployed!!! Yayyyyyyz for dayz! :)

As of last week Monday, I am the new National Project Coordinator for the GEF Full Size Project in The Bahamas!

(sounds fancy, right? well…I think it does :P )

Here’s the back-story: While I was sitting on my butt at home, waiting for the Government to offer up a renewed contract so I could come back to work @ BEST, I was tipped off by a friend that BEST was accepting CVs from applicants for this position (and a few others). So I sent in my CV and got put on the list for the various positions to be filled (although this one was the one I really wanted, I was just eager to get back to work!)

SO: I interviewed for the position, which was a total disaster. First of all, they wanted to do it via Skype, cuz one of the ladies to be interviewing me is abroad at her UNEP office, and the other interviewers were very busy and couldn’t afford to leave their respective offices to come to a single location and interview me in person. I was not happy about this, but what choice did I have??

So I give them my very unprofessional Skype username, and we arrange for the call to occur at 1pm.

Well, when I received the call, everytime I picked it up, the connection would drop. This happened ohhh…I’d say about 25 times. So my friend who’s arranging the call, calls my cell like, wtf is going on? I dunno man!

The solution? I’ll call the landline, and be put on speakerphone, and all the interviewers will be on speaker from the computer and we’ll do it that way. Speakerphone to speakercomputer. Terrible.

Aside from that, I HATED the interview structure. So rigid. “OK Laura, we have 9 questions for you, please answer as succinctly as possible…” Uhhhh….ok?

“What characteristics do you think are most valuable in a leader?” (Seriously? I do not see the value in this type of interview question…such garbage…)

“Please describe a situation where you had to organise a team.”

Oh, and let me not forget to mention, 5 of the people I’m interviewing with, I worked with on a weekly if not daily basis; one of which was my direct supervisor. No room for “embellishment” in this interview…ugh…miserable. So I’m answering these horrible, pointless questions as best I can, but the Skype connections keep dropping. So after I bumble through a question, I’m asked to REPEAT my answer cause so-and-so dropped and didn’t hear it. WTF!? I can’t remember the foolishness that just spewed forth from my mouth! Oy vay…

So after the excruciating interview was over, and I felt like I had totally bombed. I texted my fried (who had also been sitting in on my interview) and was like, GOOD LORD, THAT WAS PAINFUL! To which she replied “Yea, I could hear it in your voice.”

Shit. Bottle of wine. Open. Now!

Well, I obviously got the job in the end, so I guess it couldn’t have been that bad (unless the other applicants managed to do worse than me) So, YAY ME! YAY EMPLOYMENT!

Just thought I’d share that experience with ya! :)

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Unemployment Blues

Being unemployed isn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be…

I used to think, Man, if I didn’t have to work, I would be so relaxed, and so productive. I’d get to work on all my crafty shit, and play with the dogs all day; lay out in the sun and be all tan, and be sexy cuz I’d have time to work out. See my friends all the time, cuz I’d be able to meet them whenever…

But uhhh…pretty much none of those things have happened. I have laid out for like 3 hours total over the last 2 weeks. The most productive thing I’ve done is read ‘Eleven Minutes’ by Paulo Coelho…that, and switch the position of the desk and the stinky puppy kennel…

Unfortunately, dishes and fixing meals doesn’t feel as fulfilling as I might have imagined…sigh.

I did send in a CV for this position that sounds like it’d be really cool, since it seems like my BEST contract will likely NEVER come through…ugh. I emailed my Minister the other day to discuss my situation, and in his reply he was REALLY jack-assy. Yes. Jack-assy. I thought he was one of a few stand up, decent politicians in Government. But….nope. Just another jack-ass.

Benji and I don’t even have any plans for the weekend. I. am. so. lameeeeeeee.

:*( tear

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I know I know! It’s been like a year since I last blogged! Gahhh! And I really have no excuse whatsoever, seeing as I haven’t actually been employed the last 2 weeks…but…I been uber busy with Breesy boy…snuggling, kissing, playing, walking, peeing. Puppies are intensely time consuming. Something I did NOT quite realise…

Today is his 9 week birthday! Yayyyyy! :) And here he is.

sweet boy

Last weekend, we took him up to Spanish Wells with us. There, he was introduced to the ocean:

and it was COLD!

He’ll be an island pup in no time!

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Oh! And I forgot to tell you! I’ve made my pick of the litter!! Woooooo!

I went by to visit his sweet, snuggly self yesterday. Wanna see him? OK :)

Baby Brees!

Ahhhh! And this picture doesn’t even do him justice! He is just scrumptuous! I could eat him up! Of all 9 pups, he’s the biggest! At 4.5 weeks, he weighs 7LBS! Wowie! And I also think he has the plushest coat :)

As I mentioned before, his name is Brees (WHO DAT SAINTS SUPERBOWL CHAMPS! WOOOOOOOO!!!) and he already seems to respond to his name cuz his litter name was Green (they were all just named the colour of the string on their necks to tell them apart) And since Brees/Green have a similar sound, he already responds! :) He’s so curious too! We took him out of the pen to wander around, and he’s not shy at all! And then when I call him, he comes bounding over and jumps in my lap! :) I could just melt! Only 2 more weeks til he’s mine! Yayyyyyyz for dayz!

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