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I dunno if I’ve mentioned it before, but Benji & I are buying a house! My (late) grandmother’s house! From my Dad! In 6 months-ish (when his tenants move out…) And we’re really really really really excited! :)

The house is in a neighbourhood called Harmony Hill (cute, right?) and we really love the feel there, and the location. It’s super central to all the amenities one could need, and not so far east that we have to battle an hour of traffic every weekday (we’re good & sick of that routine…) That traffic is so bad, it’s actually the reason why we invested in scooters; cuz you can just zip right down the middle of the 2 lanes (cautiously of course cuz scooters are pretty dangerous…)

my red rider :) and benji's in the background

Speaking of dangerous, yesterday, Benji actually had a little accident on his scooter. He was going down the first hill leaving my neighbourhood, and there were these pigeons in the road, and you know how pigeons always wait til the last second to flit out of the way? Yea, well this one didn’t move, so Benji overreacted and slammed on brakes (instead of hitting the damn thing), and lost control of the bike, was thrown from it down onto his shoulder, did a lil army roll and caught himself. Thank goodness he was wearing his $500 helmet, or who knows how much worse it could have been! But he was really shaken up nonetheless, cut up his palms pretty bad, and says he heard his shoulder “pop” when he hit the ground :(

grim reaper?

So he went to the doctor and had an x-ray and turns out he has a sprained acromioclavicularAC joint, and just needs some anti-inflammatory drugs and some rest. My strong man will be back to lifting heavy things in no time ;)

Wow, anyway, I got way off topic! The reason I was writing this post was to tell you that yesterday we met with the structural engineer at the house in Harmony Hill about the renovations that we want to do! He (Adrian) was really cool, and seems to have a good understanding of our vision for the property. We also told him that we want to renovate as green as possible, and he was pretty excited about that! As soon as the stupid, ass-backwards Bahamas passes the new energy policy, legalising the use of alternative energy (can someone explain to me what sense it makes for solar panels to be illegal in the Bahamas??? where we have over 300 days of sunshine annually?! ugh!), my house is gonna be covered in PV (photovoltaic) panels!! I’ve even been researching wind turbines to see how viable an option that might be for supplementing our power usage. And of course we’ll practice rainwater harvesting and I’m looking into these wastewater treatment and reuse systems so that we can recycle treated wastewater for use in irrigation or flushing toilets, etc.



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